Saturday, March 8, 2014

Support Community Rights - Amanda Wikan Letter-to-Editor

I am happy to see how much community awareness and involvement there has been around the issue of Frac Sand Mining (FSM). I consider myself lucky to have grown up and to live in such a wonderful community where people make it a priority to protect what they love. I grew up in Canoe, IA where I developed a deep connection with the land, as I grew up playing in beautiful Canoe Creek and the surrounding bluffs and woods. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I was surprised and concerned to learn about our Wisconsin neighbors in the Driftless Region who have been completely blindsided by FSM and the troubles that come with it. I was more astonished to learn about their inability to stop large companies from coming in and basically strip mining the land. I thought this was a democracy! I was abhorred when I first saw pictures of large scale FSM operations, some of which are several hundred acres in size. I cannot in any way envision this happening in our community, no matter how many promised temporary jobs industry says it will bring. Ruining our scenic heritage and beauty has no price tag, and once it is gone it is gone forever.

I support and am so appreciative of all of the work the Winneshiek County Protectors and others have done in getting a moratorium passed and with trying to find ways to keep FSM from coming to our community.

The next step to me is clear. Pass a Community Bill of Rights that will enable us to decide what our future looks like and declares our right to self govern. Let's come together as a community in order to protect our commonly shared resources and our heritage. It is not only our inherent right, it is our responsibility to our future generations.

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Amanda Wikan
Decorah, IA

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