Monday, February 9, 2015

Response re Mora County Court Ruling

(Submitted to Feb 5 2015)

Judge Browning did not “completely side” with SWEPI LP as Decorahnews reported, but enough so that he found it necessary to strike down the ordinance entirely. This is a sad day for democracy, because it reinforces the idea that corporations have more say over what happens in a community than the people who actually live there.

Decorahnews could have included a couple important points regarding this court decision. First, that any struggle from oppression loses some battles in the courts, but eventually prevails (e.g. women's rights). Second, that a big part of Judge Browning's decision to overrule Mora's ordinance is not applicable here in Winneshiek County, because there is currently no conflicting state law regarding silica sand extraction. Third, that Mora County and the defendant-intervenors will likely appeal this decision and continue to fight.

Oftentimes justice is simple. Paid-for politicians and corporate lawyers take that simplicity and tie a thousand knots in it. 

Jim Tripp

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