Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear Northeast Iowans Who Oppose Frac Sand Mining

Dear Northeast Iowans Who Oppose Frac Sand Mining,

We all know what’s at stake here. We cannot allow mountain-top removal to begin in Winneshiek County.

How to stop it? It’s simply a fact that to ‘regulate’ it is to legalize it. To legalize it is to invite it here. To invite it here is to sign ourselves up for a lifetime of fighting an industry that has already demonstrated that it is unable to proceed without poisoning water, air, and land. We must BAN frac sand mining, not regulate it.  It’s time to take up our rights and protect our future.

This Monday, Feb. 17, is a landmark day for Winneshiek County. The Community Rights Alliance will be presenting to the Board of Supervisors the ordinance that BANS frac sand mining.

Would you like to be present to witness this important moment, as we officially launch our campaign? You are welcome to attend.

The presentation of our ordinance is the 10:30 agenda item this Monday morning.  The meeting will take place at the Winneshiek County Courthouse, either in the Supervisor’s quarters on the main floor, or, if there are many in attendance, in the large courtroom on the top floor.

Also on Monday we’ll begin gathering 2,000 signatures of those who support the Board of Supervisors in passing an ordinance BANNING frac sand mining. The ordinance is a local rights-based ordinance such as have been passed in 160 other communities in the US. After Monday morning you’ll be able to see the ordinance as well as sign the petition at our website: You can also join us on Facebook if you’d like. In the weeks to come you’ll see us on the street and in neighborhoods as we continue to tell the hopeful story of rights-based local protection.

We need to support the supervisors as we ask them to take this powerful stance for our future. The petition is one way we’ll show them that support.

After tomorrow morning’s 10:30 meeting you are invited to join us just around the corner at the Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center for warm drinks and carrot cake.

Want to learn more?

We invite you to check out our upcoming events that cover various aspects of frac sand mining, Community Rights, and the history of corporate rule in America.

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