Monday, July 7, 2014

A few numbers

1005... total signatures on the petition to ban frac sand extraction in Winneshiek County via a rights-based ordinance

17... individuals have had letters/editorials published in Winneshiek County newspapers explicitly supporting the Community Bill of Rights ordinance banning frac sand extraction

60... people attended the first ever Driftless/Midwest gathering for Community Rights work in Viroqua, WI last weekend

11... citizens of Winneshiek County traveled to attend the gathering

850... Facebook users saw the photo post (in the first 7 hours) of the Winn County posse outside our rental van in Viroqua

33... liked this post (in the first 7 hours)

5... trips from Portland that Paul Cienfuegos has made to rural IA/MN/WI to give workshops and presentations on Community Rights work

2... more planned before the end of the year

104... visits to our Website on Sunday

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